About Us

4 Generations

About Us

We are an International Corporation that has the highest level of professional expertise in each field. With headquarters in Miami, Florida, and offices in Texas, Chile and Peru.

 Our Team has 30+ years of experience in production, development of new solutions for today's world, Marketing and shipping worldwide.  We have developed production solutions and products that  are compatible with today's world-wide need of sustainability and protection of the environment. 

We are constantly looking ahead for new products and solutions.  

Mr. Herminio & Flora Magni 1927.

First generation arrived from Italy to Chile.

Mr. Luis Magni 1942.

Second generation.

Mr. Herminio, Flora, Luis & Hugo Magni 1952.

with working team.

Mr. Ricardo Magni & Valeria Magni Criado 2012.

Third & fourth generation.

Magni Enterprise has a deep passion for what it does, and that passion starts with me. I wanted to build a business that opens doors and builds relationships. A business that cultivates people as well as opportunity. A business where our people are family and we are proud of it.

 Magni Enterprise is a business dedicated to discovering what is possible in this massive global economy. We travel the world searching for manufacturers of new and innovative solutions. We then bring these solutions to the retail world. It does not matter if you are the largest retailer in the world or if you are opening your first location, we are dedicated to helping you grow your business and be as successful as you can be. 

It is our goal!

Ricardo Magni