Save our oceans!

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PVA Water Soluble Plastic

I can't believe it's not Plastic™ Non-Plastic™


Water Soluble Material ideal to create 100% non-polluting bags.
Patented Raw Material
Cold-Water Soluble
Hot-Water Soluble

Competitive Environment

Non-Plastic™ Water Soluble raw material can be extruded in any plastic extrusion machine, which allows it to be scaled very quickly. 
Traditional Plastic Bag
  • Low cost
  • Takes 500 years to decompose
  • Made of non-renewable resources
  • Banned in multiple countries
Compostable Bag
  • Takes around 180 days to degrade
  • Needs a composting stage which is not common around the world
  • Required to be separated from plastic materials before able to be recycled
  • Uses food as base material
Paper Bag
  • Biodegradable
  • Leads to deforestation
  • Requires a lot of water, energy, and chemicals in its production and recycling
  • High carbon feet impact
Fabric Bag
  • Reusable
  • Fabric bag needs to be used at least 149 times and a cotton bag 52 times in order to have a positive impact on climate change
  • Not cost-effective if using natural fibers
  • Difficult to recycle


What was PVA Water Soluble created for?
It was created as an effective way to help save our environment by using a breakthrough component that does not contain any harmful chemicals and is 100% dissolvable. It replaces traditional t-shirt supermarket bags, as well as Non Woven reusable bags.
How does it work?
These bags are meant to be used like any traditional bag, but when disposed of, instead of remaining on Earth for 100-500 years contaminating and poisoning our seas and wild life, they completely dissolve within  60-120 days once in contact with any body of water. Wild life can ingest its content without any problem since it does not contain any chemicals.
If it rains, will my bags disintegrate?
The material is adjusted during production to dissolve differently in various temperatures. If the bag  touches room temperature water it will not be affected, unless the water stays on the material for a prolonged period of time. In order to expedite the dissolving process, the bag can be submerged in boiling water, usually 160-180 F. When placed in boiling water, the bag will dissolve in about 3-5 minutes.
Will plastic converting equipment work with this PVA material?
Yes, it will. Minor adjustments will be necessary. Contact us for individual specifications depending on your equipment set-up.
Are there any stores currently using bags with this water soluble material?
Yes, there are many stores around the world that are using bags with this water soluble material.
Which countries have already banned the use of plastic?
There are many countries that have already banned the use of plastic, and many more that are in the process of banning it by the end of 2019.

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Save our Planet!

Demand the use of PVA Water Soluble Products.

Non-Plastic™ PVA water soluble is the environmentally friendly way to continue benefiting from these useful products, minimizing substantially the carbon print on Earth. Thank you for your help!

PVA Water Soluble Non Woven Bags

Non-Plastic™ PVA Water Soluble. Heavy gauge bag, reusable numerous times

Non-Plastic™ reusable heavy gauge bags

Can be reused for your convenience as many times as desired. Even though they can hold heavy weight and can withstand numerous uses, they are still PVA Water Soluble, meaning they can be dissolved in hot water in 3-5 minutes, leaving zero trace of any harmful component. Alternatively, they will dissolve in any body of water at any temperature within 60-90 days.

PVA Water Soluble T-Shirt Bags

Non-Plastic™ PVA Water Soluble. Regular supermarket bag for all uses

Non-Plastic™ reusable heavy gauge bags

Use these Non-Plastic™ PVA Water Soluble bags from your local supermarket and carry your groceries safely home. Once finished with its intended use, these bags can be either dissolved in hot water within 3-5 minutes leaving no chemicals or harmful material, or they can be disposed of  through the regular garbage. Once the bag reaches any body of water it will dissolve within 30-60 days. If it reaches a landfill, once the temperature reaches over 160 F, it will dissolve within 3-5 minutes. Landfills generally maintain high temperatures because the decomposition of food and other organic materials raises the temperature.

PVA & PVAL Water Soluble Film

Non-Plastic™ PVA Water Soluble. Different gauges starting at 25 Microns

Non-Plastic™ reusable heavy gauge bags

We can provide PVA Water Soluble Film to any t-shirt manufacturer of plastic bags. Any equipment can be easily adapted to use this PVA film.

PVA & PVAL Raw Material

Non-Plastic™ PVA Water Soluble Pellets. These pellets can be used in almost any converter currently using regular Plastic

Non-Plastic™ reusable heavy gauge bags

These Non-Plastic™ PVA Water Soluble material pellets can be used by practically any converter in almost all equipments requiring only minor changes. Let us know how can we assist.

Innovative Solution - Multifuncional Biodegradable Material

Produced from safe, non-toxic, water-soluble, fully biodegradable PVAL materials and bio-based materials.


(Polyvinyl alcohol, Non-Plastic™) has been widely used in the fields of optics, engineering, agriculture, medical and food industries. In the food industry, it can be used as a food additive. In the medical industry, it is mainly used in membranes, gels, and drug-controlled release delivery systems.

Superior Properties
  • Water Solubility
  • Biodegradability
  • Transparency
  • Demoldability
  • Gas Barrier
  • Infrared Barrier
  • Organic Solvent Barrier
  • Grease Barrier